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Top Veterinarian: Place Your Dog in This for One Car Ride and See What Happens

If you love your dog, you’ve got to read this short article before your next ride and before you do anything else.

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By Jennifer Cole | Mar 1, 2024 | 10:11 am EDT

By Jennifer Cole

May 02, 2024

Restlessness, whining, panting, and inability to settle in the car...

These are all classic signs of things I wish I took seriously and maybe my dog would still be alive.

Let me explain what I mean.

As a dog owner who has experienced the unimaginable pain of losing a beloved pet in a car accident, I’m reaching out to share my story in the hopes that it might prevent even one more tragedy.

The heartbreak is unbearable, and if sharing my experience can save another dog, then it’s worth reliving the pain.

So keep on reading this for your own furry friend..

It Happened in an Instant

One ordinary day turned into a nightmare when a sudden collision led to the loss of my four-year-old dog, who was not properly secured in the backseat. 

The guilt and sorrow I feel for not having the right safety measures in place haunt me. 

Can you just imagine losing your dog in a car ride?

Why Every Moment Matters

I wish I had known then what I know now.

Please, if you take anything from my story, understand that every car ride can pose risks if your dog isn't safely secured. 

But that's not all of it, so keep on reading..

I wish I had known then what I know now—that a proper car bed could have made all the difference.

I have one dog left (who now lost her sister), but due to my past trauma, I was scared to go out again..

I want to experience this NEVER again. 

Neither should you.. 

So I spent months researching different dog beds and crates.

Desperately looking for a safe and comfy solution..

I ordered all the best sellers from Amazon, visited Petsmart, and searched every forum..

I spent months testing 18 (!!) beds and crates, but none met my standards—they were either uncomfortable, unsafe, kept slipping off the couch, or simply too small for my dog.

After my tragic loss, I discovered a product that could have saved my dog: a specially designed car bed that provides safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Exploring the Root Cause: Why Traditional Car Travel Fails Our Dogs

Dogs have a keen sense of comfort and danger, much like little sensors that pick up on stress, discomfort, and safety — and they react accordingly.

Let's say you take a sharp turn while driving...

The typical car seat might not support your dog properly, causing them to slide or topple. They might think:

"Whoa, this doesn't feel safe, I need to stabilize!"

So, they'll try to brace themselves or may become visibly distressed — a clear sign they're not secure.

It’s a brilliant natural response.

But unfortunately, it seems like traditional car travel solutions have overlooked this.

Factors like age, breed, past injuries, and general anxiety levels can affect a dog's comfort during car rides.

Initially, you might notice slight restlessness.

Then it might escalate to more obvious signs of discomfort.

It feels like your dog is constantly trying to find a stable position.

But the most concerning stage is complete distress.

Once dogs feel completely insecure, they stop settling down at all—they become visibly agitated or stressed during rides.

This can make even short trips, like a drive to the vet, very stressful — because if your dog can't find comfort in the car, they can become increasingly anxious or even panic, leading to distractions and serious accidents.

Here's the Bad News...

The bad news is that comfort and security for dogs in cars is often a long-term issue.

Their discomfort only alleviates slightly over time.

This may seem minor, but it really isn’t…

Because your dog's well-being during travel is crucial.

This means that without a proper solution, your dog could spend years feeling uneasy or stressed in the car.

And the worst part?

Most solutions that are advertised to help your dog —like simple seat belts, hammocks or towels thrown in the backseat—simply don’t work.

You’ve probably tried towels, regular pet beds, or even calming treats before…

And chances are that they didn’t help much.

That’s because they don’t try to solve the root cause of the problem — which is your dog's fundamental need for stability and comfort during travel.

All they do is just provide temporary relief.

It’s like if your car was making a lot of squeaky noises because you are out of oil - and you just turned up the speakers so you don’t hear it.

You are just turning a blind eye to the real underlying problem.

So What’s the Solution?

What makes this bed so special is the calming material.

It's called Therapeutic Comfort Fur (TCF). 

This advanced (vegan) material mimics the soft, soothing texture of a mother's fur, which plays a crucial role in calming your dog

Developed by Canadian pet care innovator Dr. Marie Dupont in the 1980s, TCF was initially designed to comfort newborn puppies separated from their mothers. 

When applied to dog beds, this material provides a calming effect, reminding dogs of the safety and warmth they felt as puppies lying next to their mother.

After integrating this knowledge into pet care products, dogs demonstrated a remarkable increase in calmness and security in various stressful environments, giving them a unique advantage over other pets who lacked such comfort. 

Therapeutic Comfort Fur has been around ever since. 

It's been tested and proven time and time again.

There’s Only One Catch…

See, for the longest time, Therapeutic Comfort Fur (TCF) has been reserved for therapy animals and was only provided in high-end veterinary clinics.

The only way to provide this calming, mother's fur-like comfort was with custom-made pieces that very few had access to.

But that’s no longer the case.

With technological advances over the past few years, we were able to make Therapeutic Comfort Fur Beds available to the general public.

We took the same technology that’s been used in professional settings all these years and we incorporated it into a safe, effective car bed that can be used by anyone, in the comfort of their own vehicle or home, without breaking the budget.

Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed

This thing may look like a regular dog bed, but don’t let it fool you.

Because when your dog settles into this Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed, they'll immediately feel the calming effect.

At first, this might seem just like any other soft surface, but there’s more to it. 

The material is engineered to mimic the soothing presence of a mother's fur, which can be strangely comforting and reassuring to anxious pets. 

By the end of the trip, your dog will emerge more relaxed and at ease than ever before. 

But don’t take my word for it...

At the moment of writing this, thousands of pet owners around the world are using Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed to calm their dogs and keep them safe. 

Our products have more than 1000+ 5-star reviews on Trustpilot alone.


TrustScore 4.3 | 4,284 reviews

Monika Graham

My dog's restlessness vanished

Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2024

Verified Purchase

I bought 3 of these car beds online while scrolling through social media. It was definitely an impulse buy. At first, I was skeptical. After they arrived, following a bit of delayed shipping, I tried them out for a week and didn't notice much of a change. I decided to keep trying for another week, largely due to all the positive reviews. That’s when I started to see a real difference. After another two weeks, my dog's travel anxiety was completely gone! Like it had never been there.

Andrew Morris

This works!! Blew my mind at how fast my dog went to sleep

Reviewed in the United States on May 04, 2024

Verified Purchase

My dog's restlessness vanished! As a dog owner, I'm always on the move, and it pained me to see my dog so restless during car rides. By the end of a drive, he was visibly stressed, panting heavily... really struggling with anxiety. Ever since we got this car bed, he's been so much more relaxed. I just want to let you know it's been amazing. It was the best decision I've made.

Pelsbarn Comfort Car Bed has Helped Thousands of Dogs (Of All Breeds!) With the Same Challenges Your Dog Has

And I'm confident that it's going to help your furry friend too.

Just imagine your dog jumping into the car without hesitation, ready for any adventure.

Imagine being able to drive to the park, go on a family road trip, or visit friends.

- Drive to the pet store.

- Travel to the vet or groomer.

- Meet up with friends

- Take your dog on a roadtrip

- Or even enjoy a long walk in the park.

All that without being held back by your dog's travel anxiety or discomfort.

This can all be possible with the Pelsbarn Calming car bed.

Now, I know you probably have two main questions…


How Can You Get Your Paws on the Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed?

…And what’s the price?

Well, the first question is a tricky one…

Because it takes us a lot of time and money to build this product…

From expensive materials that we have to source from all over the world… To countless safety tests that every car bed has to go through before it’s cleared…

So we are at a constant risk of running out of stock.

Our team is working around the clock to create enough Pelsbarn Calming Car Beds for everyone in need.

But I hate to admit that we are currently failing at that.

The demand is just too big.

Folks who have seen the difference the Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed makes are often eager to get more for their other pets or to gift to family and friends.

Not to mention the thousands of dog owners I’ve consulted with in my practice.

They were thrilled when I told them about the product that I created and I’m sure that many of them are placing their orders right now.

All this makes our stock run out quickly every time we get a new shipment.

Now, if you are reading this article, it means that we probably have a few massagers left in stock, otherwise we would’ve taken the page down.

But unfortunately, we cannot guarantee for how much longer.

We Could Sell Out Tomorrow… Or Maybe Even Today

And once that happens…

Once we do run out of stock…

It could take us anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to get back in stock because these products take quite a long time to build.

So if you are serious about reducing stress and helping your dog…

I recommend you DO NOT leave this page…

Because this may be your only chance to get the Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed and experience the comfort and safety your dog has been praying for.

So without further ado, let me show you how you can get your Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed today.

Pelsbarn is NOT Available Anywhere Else Except On Our Official Website

You won’t find it in retail stores. You won’t find it on Amazon or eBay.

If you see something similar, that’s just a cheap knockoff.

The only place where you can buy the real, authentic Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed is our official website where it’s selling for just $119 for size M and $199 for size XL.

That’s right… We took the proven research that’s used by some of the top vets around the world… That costs tens if not thousands of dollars… And we made it available to you today for just $119 for size M and $199 for size XL!

To put it into perspective, when we hired business & marketing consultants to help us launch the Pelsbarn Car Beds…

They told us that we should price it at AT LEAST $400.00.

Given how expensive it is to produce…

How advanced the safety features behind it is…

And how effective it is at reducing anxiety, stress, and car accidents…

They strongly advised us to price it at at least $450.00 and even consider going up to $500 or even $575.

It certainly made sense from the business perspective.

But I’m not a businessman. I’m a vet.

And my only goal with this product is to help as many dog parents as possible to travel safe and comfy.

We Priced It at 1/5 of What All the Marketing Experts Recommended

Just $119 for size medium and $199 for size XL.

So even if you use it for just one year... and only for trips to the vet... 

That's only 0.23 cents per vet visit which is a fraction of what emergency vet visits could cost ifyour dog isn't secure during a car accident! 

And guess what? You'll probably use it way more than that. 

Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed is built to last, ensuring your dog's safety on every trip, not just to the vet but wherever you go.

You'll be enjoying safe and comfy rides for years and years to come, as many times per day as you please. 

So it will end up being way less than $.23 cents per vet visit. 

When you put it like this, you realize what an amazing deal this is. 

- One investment of $199 for years and years of comfort and security on every car ride.

- One investment of $199 for a lifetime free from anxiety and discomfort for your dog.

- it's a once in a lifetime deal 

And I know you know it.

But I also understand that some of you may find it hard to afford it right now. 

With inflation on the rise and prices increasing, $199 can feel like a significant amount. 

And truly, for me, this isn't just about making money. 

I want this product to help as many dogs and their owners as possible. 

I don't want financial constraints to prevent anyone from providing comfort and safety to their pet. So, to ensure that everyone who needs this car bed has the opportunity to benefit from it...

I Decided to Offer a Special Limited-Time Discount and Let You & Your Dog Have Your Own Pelsbarn Car Bed at 30% OFF

That's just $79 for a size medium!

This is the lowest price we'll ever offer. 

And I'm only able to guarantee it for today.

So if you are ready to take advantage of the best deal you'll ever get...

And get your Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed at a fraction of the price... 

Make sure to click the big button below and grab it while you still can!

As I said earlier, we manufactured a limited number os beds in this batch. And we're selling out faster than anyone could have anticipated. 

So it's only a matter of time before we run out completely. 

And when that happens... Well, you'll pretty much miss out. 

Not just that you'll have to wait until the next batch is manufactured - which can take weeks if not months...

But you'll also find a new price that will be higher. 

Let me be super clear about it:

You'll never be able to buy a Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed cheaper than today. 

This is the best deal you will ever get. 

And this may be the only time you see it. 

So without further ado, click below to place your order.

You Have 90 Days to Test the Product, Completely Risk-Free!

Yes, you heard me right. 

I'm giving you a 90-day TRIAL period. 

You have 90 full days to experiment with the Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed and see how well it all works. 

It it works as advertised, you are welcome to keep it and use it forever to keep your dog comfy and safe. 

But if for ANY reason you are not happy with your purchase... 

And you feel like there are better solutions out there...

Just let us know anytime in the next 90 days and you'll get your money back that same sday, no questions asked. 

It doesn't mater if it's 89 minutes or 89 days after the purchase. 

Our team at Pelsbarn will make sure that you only pay if you are 100% in love with the product. In any other case, it's on us. 

Fair enough?

Oh, and no worries... 

Our team is easy to access, so there will be no hassle. 

You can email us at support@pelsbarn.org, call usor open a live chat on our website. 

Even if you just have questions about the product. 

Our dedicated customer service team will get back to you WITHIN MINUTES. No matter when you have questions, we're available 24/7. 

Now that's what I call a RISK-FREE offer.

We made sure that from the moment you click that button below... 

You, your time, and your money are protected and safe!

There's literally ZERO risk involved today.

Here’s What to Do Next

Click that big orange button that says '' GET 30% OFF Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed Now '' - it will take you straight to our official encrypted website. 

There, all you need to do is click the button that says '' GET 30% OFF TODAY ONLY '' and your discount code will be automatically applied. 

From there, you'll go straight to the checkout page where you just need to enter your name, address, and credit card information, and select how many Pelsbarn Calming Car Beds you want to order. 

Most people end up getting 2 or 3 Pelsbarn Calming Beds. 

One, because it's practical to have one in your car, bedroom, livingroom, etc. 

Two, because it's great when you have one in the washing machine. 

And three, because the more you get, the more money you save. 

That's because we save a lot of money on shipping when we send bigger orders - and we are happy to share those savings to you. 

So if you know someone who could benefit from Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed - be it a friend, a family member, or a colleague at work... 

Or if you simply want to get more than one for yourself so you can have one in your bedroom, one in your car, etc. 

I suggest you take advantage of this one-time deal and click the button below to get the Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed at the lowest price ever. 

Remember, There Is ZERO Risk

The only risk you could possibly face...

Is one of pain and regret if you miss out on the opportunity to get your Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed at this massive discount. 

Unfortunately, I know exacly what's going to happen if you decide to let this opportunity pass. I've seen it so many times with other clients. 

And let me tell you, it's NOT good. 

You'll keep wasting time on cheap dog beds, dirty towels, and other quick fixes that don't address the real cause of the problem. 

You may experience some temporary relief now and then... 

And maybe even fool yourself that you can live your life like this... 

But deep inside, you know you should do it for your dog. 

The pain you'll feel if anything happens to your dog while on the road can be heart breaking. It will only get worse. 

I'm not saying this to SCARE you. I just want to WARN you. 

Because if nothing happens, this can turn into a much bigger problem. 

That's why the decision you make today will be one of the most important decisions of your dog's life. So... what is it going to be? 

Are you going to say ''NO'' to this opportunity and take your chances?

OR are you going to do the right thing.. Order one, two, or three Pelsbarn Calming Car beds... And spend the next 90 days on complete peace of mind wherever you go with your furry friend?

Remember... This is not just about you.

This is about your family
- who will be worried about you and your dog constantly if you are on the road because your dog can distract you which can lead to horrible accidents.

This is about your dog - who feels anxious and stressed whenever he needs to jump into the car and doesn't feel comfortable and safe. Most dogs don't even show it. Your dog doesn't feel safe in the car because you don't want to try a better solution.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to give it a shot. 

- You can help your dog make car trips more fun

- You can get the relief your dog has been looking for

- You can get complete peace of mind and enjoy road trips with your furry best friend

Many of my patients have already made the choice and invested in their dog. You can do it too. 

All you need is a little assistance from the finest stress relief dog bed that I know exists - our Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed. 

So without further ado... 

If you are ready to do the right thing... 

Click that big orange button below to order your Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed. 

And remember - If your dog doesn't start wagging its tail as promised, you don't pay.

Update: As of May, 2024 - the demand for Pelsbarn Calming Car Bed has increased dramatically and inventory has been flying off the shelves. Order your own for 30% OFF + FAST SHIPPING before it's too late. 

Lock in your order while you can to get 30% OFF + FAST SHIPPING (US ONLY).

NOTE: This deal is NOT available on Amazon or eBay.

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