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30,000 Dog Owners Are Fan (you'll love #5)

Discover the advantages of this new innovative Calming Car Bed+ Free Cooling Mat

Text: Jennifer Moore

Updated on March 15, 2024



Calm your dog, relieve anxiety and enjoy summers and winters

Year-round comfort for pets

Calms down your dog and keeps him secure and safe

Temperature-regulated, versatile pet travel solution

A must-have for all dog owners with a car

Woman in car with two dogs, promoting a cooling mat for pets.


Protect your car interior from dirt, hair, and scratches

Shields car seats from accumulating dirt.

Reduces the spread of pet hair throughout the vehicle.

Protects car surfaces from pet-related scratches and damage.

Helps maintain a tidy and well-kept car interior.

A happy Pomeranian dog wearing a harness, sitting in a car seat with a fluffy black cover.


This bundle is perfect for both Summers and Winters

This bundle is perfect for all seasons

Provides relief from summer heat
if necessary

Cooling mat dissipates and regulates body heat

Maintains comfortable temperature during car rides

Car bed can be used without the cooling mat on colder days

Two dogs using car seat covers designed for different seasons.


Keep your dog safe & secure

Make car journeys with your dog more comfortable

Ensure your dog's security thanks to the dog safety belt

Attach the safety belt to your dog's harness to keep him secure

A dog sitting on a fluffy car seat cover licking a child's face. Text and logo overlay highlight product features.


Washable and Versatile

Easy-to-clean dog bed and cooling mat

Clean with minimal efforts

Reduces washing stress

Plush dog bed being placed in a washing machine, with inset images showing a zipper and the bed in use.

3 biggest disadvantages


Anticipate reduced attention

Your furry friend will love the Pelsbarn Car bed plus free Cooling Mat so much for its cooling and calming effect that, unfortunately, they might give you less attention.

Small dog sitting on a fluffy seat cover in a car.


Friends and family can't help but inquire about it

Where did you find this luxurious car bed and free cooling mat? Your friends will be itching to know its source.

The neighbor's pup will be green with envy.

A black and white dog sitting in a fluffy car seat.


Hurry, limited stock available. Get yours before they're gone

Handcrafted with care, our stock is limited. Last spring, we sold out four times!

Dog sitting in car seat with fluffy beige covering.

Discover Why Over 30,000 Car Owners Love the Pelsbarn Car Bed + Free Cooling Mat combo!

Join the Pelsbarn revolution and step away from outdated temporary solutions to help your dog cool down for good. Finally, a safe and effective method.

Join the Pelsbarn revolution and step away from outdated temporary solutions to help keep your dog safe and comfortable in the car and cool him down when necessary. Finally, a safe and effective method.









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