The Pelsbarn Cooling Bed is the ultimate comfort zone for your pet during warm weather. This cooling bed offers luxurious relaxation and relief from heat, keeping your pet cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. Discover why pet owners worldwide are praising this Cooling Bed.


Cool Comfort for Your Furry Friend

The Pelsbarn Cooling Bed is designed for maximum comfort, featuring a super soft, high-quality cooling fabric that is washable and durable. The advanced cooling material provides your pet with a cozy and refreshing spot in any weather.


Perfect for Every Adventure

Portable and adaptable, the Cooling Bed is the perfect addition to your pet's lifestyle, providing a cool sanctuary in any situation. Whether it's at home during hot summer days, in the car or on holiday, this bed ensures your pet stays comfortable and cool anywhere.


Always Cool and Comfortable 

With its cooling technology, breathable material, and supportive design, the Cooling Bed ensures your pet stays comfortable and refreshed during warm weather. It's more than just a bed—it provides a cool and soothing retreat for your pet, keeping them at ease at all times.


Available in Two Different Sizes and Colours

Our Cooling Bed is available in XS/S and M/L and you can choose between refreshing blue and elegant beige.


Pawsitively Praised by Customers

Boasting thousands of 5-star reviews, dog owners everywhere are raving about how the Pelsbarn Cooling Bed has transformed their pet's experience, highlighting the cooling effect and comfort it provides.


Hassle-Free Cleaning

Enjoy easy and fast maintenance with the Cooling Bed's removable and washable cover. Simply take off the cover when it's time for a clean, and refresh your pet's bed with ease. Keep your pet's resting place tidy and hygienic without the fuss!


Secure Comfort with an Anti-Slip Base

Enjoy secure comfort with the Cooling Bed's anti-slip base, ensuring your pet stays safely in place even on smooth surfaces and tiles. This thoughtful design feature adds stability and peace of mind, while the soft, cooling material provides an ideal resting spot for your pet

Don't let your furry friend suffer in the heat when they can enjoy ultimate support and relaxation. Highly recommended!" - Lisa P

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Pelsbarn Cooling Beds.

5h ago

“No more worries about my dog overheating. She sprawls on this bed comfortably, and I can tell she's grateful for it.”

- Jodie H.

12h ago

“The moment I unboxed it, my dog claimed it as her own. It's like her little piece of heaven right in our living room.”

-Lucia W.

1 day ago

“The quality is evident as soon as you touch it. This bed is built to last, and my dog approves.”


12h ago

“Eco-friendly materials are a big plus for me, and this bed nails it. It's great to see a company that cares about the environment.”

- Michael M.

A week ago

“We had cooling mats for years, but wasn’t completely satisfied.. until I found this after scrolling online. Had to try it, and so far so good. Already bought 3 of these. My dogs love it.”

- Scarlett P

A month ago

“Just received mine. Ordered 3 of them and the quality looks really good. I wish I bought even more so I could use it for my kids as well lol”

- Gabby H.

It’s easy to see why the Pelsbarn Cooling Bed is the must-have product for pet owners.

Where can you get one?

The Pelsbarn Cooling Bed is available exclusively on our website, Pelsbarn.org, and through selected retailers. Right now, we’re offering an unprecedented deal on our site.

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Due to its popularity and rave reviews on social media, the Pelsbarn Cooling Bed is frequently sold out. We recommend you to take advantage of this special offer to avoid disappointment and ensure your pet enjoys the ultimate travel comfort.

As of now, some sizes and colors are limited in stock because of high demand and social media trends.

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🇺🇸 Amber T.


Finally a solution for overheating summers!! Diesel loves her new cooling bed. This is a life-saver. Literally! Got lots of compliments from friends.''

Oliver A. 


Durable, functional, and stylish – what more could you ask for? This bed has made both my dog and me pretty darn happy.



No more worries about my dog overheating. She sprawls on this bed comfortably, and I can tell she's grateful for it.

Tahlia C.


You know what's funny? I bought this bed online and was worried about what my husband would think. But now he's thrilled because our couch stays clean


"This cooling bed has been a game-changer for my dog during the scorching summer months. She's always found lounging on it, enjoying the relief from the heat."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

"I adore our new Pelsbarn Cooling bed! Seriously, where was this bed last summer? My pup is enjoying a cool spot, and I'm enjoying less panting and restlessness."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

"It's the best purchase I've ever made for my dog, so cool and supportive. Removed it to clean, and it was just as cozy when placed back. It retains comfort after every wash."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

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