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Our affiliate platform, Social Snowball, helps track results in real time and gives access to Pelsbarn's tracking links to promote our products.

The Pelsbarn Affiliate program is open for everyone, but there are limited spots left!

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  • Some rules are...

    Self referrals are not allowed.

    Affiliates that make controversial and/or illegal content may be banned or removed from the program.

    Pelsbarn may ban or remove affiliates that share their discount through Coupon Aggregator websites (see disclaimer below).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: andrea@pelsbarn.com
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How will I get rewarded?
    You earn 15% of the order value for every purchase that we receive with your promo code. Our platform distributes earned commissions on a monthly basis.

    1 order with a value of $100 = $15 for you!
    10 orders of $100 = $150
    100 orders of $100 = $1500

    Are there specific rules?
    You are free to promote your favourite Pelsbarn products as much as you like! For more information and tips we refer you to the Affiliate Starter Guide that is sent out after your application is confirmed.

    Will I receive FREE products?
    All affiliates with 5 or more sales per month, are included in our monthly prize draw for free products. After sign up you will also receive exclusive discounts to help you start your Affiliate journey.

Affiliate Program Disclaimer

The Pelsbarn affiliate program welcomes enthusiastic participants who wish to make a valuable contribution to our mission. In order to ensure the integrity of our program, there are certain participation requirements. Organizations or businesses that operate websites offering discount codes, for example, are not eligible to participate in the above affiliate program. Entities whose primary purpose is to collect and resell discount codes without providing added value to our community are therefore excluded from participation.

Additionally, we reserve the right to reject applications, deny access to the program, and cancel commissions without prior consultation or notification if we suspect abuse, fraud, or violation of our terms. Affiliate partners of Pelsbarn must be registered under their own name, which must be linked to an active social media account. Applications that do not meet these requirements may be removed without prior notice.

We aim to maintain a fair and transparent affiliate program, where only genuine Pelsbarn fans have a fair opportunity to participate and benefit. We are committed to keeping our program exclusive to individuals who are sincerely interested in our mission and products, and not to organizations that merely benefit from discount codes. If there are any uncertainties, or if you believe your website qualifies for participation, please feel free to contact andrea@pelsbarn.com.