The Protecting Car Bed is the ultimate comfort zone for your pet on the go. This Dog Car Bed + Free Blue Cooling Mat bundle will add luxury, comfort and safety to your dog’s travel experience, keeping them cozy, cool and secure on every journey. Discover why dog owners worldwide are praising this Car Bed!


Calm your dog, relieve anxiety and enjoy summers and winters

Find relief for your dog's anxiety and enjoy comfort in all seasons with this versatile solution, providing calming support for hot summers and cozy warmth for chilly winters.


Protect your car interior from dirt, hair, and scratches 

Maintain your car's pristine condition with the Pelsbarn Car Bed, shielding interiors from dirt, hair, and scratches. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle stays clean and scratch-free on every journey with your furry friend.


This bundle is perfect year-round, offering comfort and versatility

This all-season bundle provides comfort and convenience year-round, adapting effortlessly to changing weather conditions. Whether it's the heat of summer or the chill of winter, enjoy unparalleled comfort and versatility with this essential collection.


Keep your dog safe and secure

With an included safety belt, you can drive with peace of mind knowing your furry friend is safe and secure. Best of all, the safety belt hooks up to your dog’s harness – keeping them extra secure during sudden stops.


Machine washable and versatile

Busy dog moms rejoice! Our easy-to-clean dog bed and cooling mat are machine-washable, so you can keep it fresh and clean with minimal effort.


Instantly cool down your furry friend by using the bundle together

Provide immediate cooling comfort to your furry companion by utilizing this bundle together. Whether it's hot summer days or after a playful romp, ensure your pet stays cool and refreshed with this convenient solution.


Use the cooling mat anywhere and easy to travel

Lightweight and versatile, the Pelsbarn Cooling Mat is perfect for travel and can be used anywhere. Keep your furry friend refreshed and relaxed no matter where your adventures take you.

It’s pretty clear why the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed + Free Blue Cooling Mat has become a must-have for dog lovers...

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Pelsbarn Car Beds.

19h ago

“I bought the Pelsbarn Car Bed for my dog, and he adores it! He jumps right in as soon as I open the car door. It's his new favorite spot, even at home.”

- Kathleen

5h ago

“I absolutely love the Pelsbarn Car Bed! It fits perfectly in our car, and my dog is so relaxed on drives now. Plus, it looks great and is so easy to clean.”

- Jodie H.

12h ago

“I was skeptical at first, but the Pelsbarn Car Bed is a game-changer. My dog settled in immediately, and it's been fantastic for our road trips. Worth every penny!”

-Lucia W.

1 day ago

“My pup is obsessed with her new Pelsbarn Car Bed. She used to hate car rides, but now she can't wait to get in. The customer service was excellent, too.”


12h ago

“I didn't think a car bed could make such a difference, but I'm amazed at how much calmer and happier my dog is during rides now. The Pelsbarn Car Bed is incredibly soft and comfortable - it’s like a secure little den for him.”

- Michael M.

A week ago

“I have to write another review because the Pelsbarn Car Bed has been such a hit with my dog. He actually looks forward to car rides now, and it’s so sturdy and well-made. Plus, it’s super stylish!”

- Scarlett P

A month ago

“I’ve had the Pelsbarn Car Bed for a while, and it’s still in perfect condition. All my friends’ dogs have one now too! It’s not just a bed; it’s their little safe space in the car. Can’t recommend it enough!”

- Gabby H.

It’s easy to see why the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is a must-have product for pet owners.

Where can you get one?

The Pelsbarn Car Bed is available exclusively on our website, Pelsbarn.org, and through selected retailers. Right now, we’re offering an unprecedented deal on our site.

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Due to its popularity and rave reviews on social media, the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is frequently sold out. We urge you to take advantage of this special offer to avoid disappointment and ensure your pet enjoys the ultimate travel comfort.

As of now, some sizes and colors are limited in stock because of high demand and social media trends.

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Kaeley R.


My in-laws got the Pelsbarn Car Bed for our pup for Christmas, and it's been fantastic. It's made travel so much easier and comfortable for him.

Maddy W.


Absolutely adore the Pelsbarn Car Bed! It’s a game-changer for our family trips, keeping our dog comfy and secure.



Our kids and the dog both love the Pelsbarn Car Bed! It’s like a secure and cozy den for our furry friend.

Tahlia C.


The Pelsbarn Car Bed is incredible! So soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. It's the best thing we’ve bought for our dog.


"My first reaction when placing the Pelsbarn Car Bed in my vehicle was 'IT FITS PERFECTLY!!!' It's transformed our road trips. High-quality, durable, and the customer service was exceptional – proud to support this brand."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

"I adore our new Pelsbarn Car Bed, extremely comfy for my pet, and the sleek design is just perfect! The customer service was outstanding, and delivery was swift, even to our secluded location."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

"It's the best purchase I've ever made for my dog, so soft and supportive. Removed it to clean, and it was just as cozy when placed back. It retains comfort after every wash."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

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