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A family company who grew up with 5 dogs and 4 cats. We see our pets as our own children, and we think they deserve
the best in the world.

At Pelsbarn, we connect pets and people through thoughtful Scandinavian design to improve the life of our fur

With every Pelsbarn order, you're helping dogs in need.

Did you know?
Pelsbarn means ''furbaby'' in Scandinavian.

More than just a story..

Meet Maya,who was adopted from a shelter in the Caribbean after being abandoned. When Fay saw Maya in a Facebook post from a shelter that needed someone to give her a chance, she immediately took action and convinced her fiancé Daniel to ''just take a look''. And it happened...

They instantly fell in love with Maya. Unfortunately, there are many more dogs that desperately need help.

During that time, Fay and Daniel did volunteer work at a local shelter. They saw how many pets were abandoned, the wounds of dog abuse, and terrible things that made their hearts stop.

They knew they needed to do something about it on a larger scale: Pelsbarn was born.

With Pelsbarn, they can help other dog owners with beautiful products, and with the profits, they can help shelter dogs in need. 

Did you know? Every Pelsbarn product first gets approved by Maya.

You might recognize Maya from our product photos and videos. Not only is she a beloved member of our team, but also a symbol of our mission to help shelter dogs in need. 

 ''We want to strengthen the bond between dog moms and their furry best friends by providing premium products that enhance their lives.''
- Fay, Founder Pelsbarn


We’re driven to make living the “pet life” easier and more joyful.
We create the best essential items - from fluffy dog beds to adjustable dog 
leashes - to improve the bond between you and your furry friend.

We’re into doing good while doing well. That means improving

constantly, thinking sustainably, and bringing awareness to animal

rescue. We want to make our customers happier, our community strongerand the future a bit brighter.

Awareness + Happier + Brighter

Rescue organization in The Netherlands

Acción Animal Mexico

Animal Shelter Bonaire, Caribbean

''Surround yourself with animals & people who are kind to them!'' 

- Team Pelsbarn



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Our collection features premium and high-quality products that are designed with your furry best friend's comfort and well-being in mind. From cozy and stylish beds to durable and practical accessories, we have everything your dog needs to live their happiest and healthiest life.

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