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Help your best friend

beat the heat.

Keep your dog safe, comfortable, and happy on every car ride with our innovative cooling car bed.

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Does your dog have the

“backseat heat blues”?

Sun Glare

Bright and baking – makes the car too hot for any comfort.

Hot Upholstery

Leather, vinyl, and fabric absorb & radiate intense heat

Sun Glare

AC struggles to reach the back seat allowing heat to build.

A dog resting its head on a car seat, looking tired or sad.

Pelsbarn Cooling Car Bed

When the backseat turns into an oven, our Pelsbarn Cooling Car Bed comes to the rescue … creating a cool, safe, and comfortable environment for your dog.


Cooling Fabric: Dissipates body heat, keeping your dog cool even on the hottest days.


Raised Rim: Provides a defined yet comfy space, so your dog feels safe and secure.


Extra Filling: Thick, plush padding makes even long car rides comfortable and enjoyable.


Safety Belt: Protects your dog during sudden stops, making every journey worry-free.

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"I can't recommend this bed enough. Our dog Layla used to pant and struggle even on short drives.

Now, she's calm and cool on our trips. TOTAL gamechanger -

thanks, Pelsbarn!!!"

— Ellie W., Happy Customer

Our Ice Silk bed creates

a cool oasis for your dog.

Say goodbye to overheating and panting! Our cooling bed

is crafted from durable Ice Silk, so your dog remains comfortably chilled.


Temperature Regulating: Hollow fibers dissipate heat, lowering body temp.


Cool to the Touch: Keeps the bed surface refreshingly chill.


Moisture-Wicking: Absorbs and evaporates moisture for better cooling.


Highly Breathable: Promotes air circulation to prevent overheating.

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Is the Pelsbarn Cooling Car Bed right for my dog?

Our cooling car bed is essential for any dog’s comfort, especially if your dog:


Endures Hot Summers


Belongs to a Heat-Sensitive Breed


Is a Senior or Has Mobility Issues


Suffers from Motion-Sickness


Experiences Anxiety on Rides


Joins You on Road Trips


Enjoys Relaxing in Comfort


Has a Thick or Long Coat

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Over 35,000 happy dog owners.

What Customers Are Saying

Endures Hot Summers

Premium Comfort

Protects from Mess

Safety and Peace of Mind

A sweet ride for your dog.

A clean car for you.

Enjoy stress-free journeys with a bed that keeps

your dog comfortable and your car effortlessly clean.

Protects Your Car: Keeps interiors free from dirt, hair, and scratches.

Machine Washable Cover: Toss it in the wash for easy cleaning.

100% Waterproof: Protects against spills and accidents.

Spot Clean with Damp Cloth: Quick touch-ups in seconds.

A brown dog with a harness sitting in a car seat, looking out the window.
A brown dog standing by a fence, and the same dog seated in a car wearing a harness.

Your order supports a shelter dog!

We started Pelsbarn because we're crazy about dogs. As former shelter volunteers, we wanted to make a real difference for dogs everywhere who hadn't found their forever homes yet.

That's why we give away 10% of our net profits to animal shelters all around the world with every purchase. Thanks to our amazing customers, we’ve already helped thousands of dogs start new, happy lives.

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