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Fits all cars & all dogs

Quick & easy installation

Supports 380lbs of weight

Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Rides

Does your pet stress out in the car? Pelsbarn solves that! Our hard bottom seat cover keeps them cozy and secure, making rides smooth and stress-free.

With reinforced sides and a sturdy bottom, Pelsbarn ensures your dog's safety and comfort on the road. Made for comfort, it's like a private sanctuary for your pet.

Stress-free adventures await with Pelsbarn!

Shield Your Car from Scratches, Hair, and Stains

Enjoy road trips with your pet minus the mess! Our waterproof and durable car seat cover with a hard bottom provides complete protection for your car's backside.

No more worries about stains, hairs, or dirt - stay focused on the drive hassle-free.

secure your dog with a freely included metal harness

100% waterproof

Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Rides

At Pelsbarn, your pet's safety comes first! Our backseat extender is equipped with reinforced sides and a sturdy bottom, providing unmatched security to keep your dog safe and prevent accidents during abrupt stops.

Travel with peace of mind, knowing your furry friend is both secure and comfortable!

Universal Fit for Any Vehicle and Pet Size

Pelsbarn's seat cover is crafted to effortlessly fit all vehicle types, from compact cars to SUVs. With its adjustable straps and robust design, it ensures a snug fit for any pet size.

With a weight capacity of 375lb/170kg, all dogs can ride safely and comfortably.

Effortless Installation in Minutes

Installing Pelsbarn is a breeze! In just a few simple steps, your seat cover is ready to go.

Lay it out, secure the straps to the back of the headrests and grab handles, and you're all set for a comfortable and secure ride with your furry friend.

added storage compartments for extra convenience

easy to clean

Enhanced with a Clear-View Mesh

Our seat cover features a clear-view mesh, allowing your pet to see you and enjoy fresh air from the AC. Keep them comfortable and connected during every ride!

Trusted by 12,400+ Pet Owners and Their Furry Friends

Reported that traveling with their pets became significantly easier after using our seat cover.

Noticed a reduction in their pet's anxiety during rides.

Found our hard cover remarkably simple to install and clean.

*Insights from +17,000 Pelsbarn users

Enhanced with a Clear-View Mesh

Don't Settle for Imitations: Uncovering Why Pelsbarn Stands Out!

Universal Fit

Spacious & Comfortable

Durable & Sturdy

Supports Up to 380lbs/170kg

Easy To Clean

Quick & Simple Installation

100% Tear-Proof & Waterproof


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Pelsbarn safety car seat cover

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