Pelsbarn Cooling Mat (4x more effective)

Prevent heat stress and dehydration with the new Pelsbarn Cooling Mat.


Watch dogs enjoy their cooling mats

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This is the nation's favourite cooling mat

You won't find a more effective cooling mat elsewhere. Order now and provide your dog with the ultimate comfort and care.

Triple-layered for optimal cooling

The self-cooling 3-layer premium material ensures optimal cooling.


The Pelsbarn Cooling Mats can be placed on any surface and are easy to take along wherever you go.

A chemical-free solution for the heat

It's cool to the touch. No gel or harmful chemicals. & my Pooch loves to lay on it during hot days.

Eco-friendly & machine washable

Hassle-free cleaning thanks to the durable, machine washable materials.


Build a Refreshing Heaven for Your Pup

Supervision Ensures Optimal Comfort and Safety During Every Cooling Session, Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy.

Limited Effectiveness

Other mats may need additional methods for relief in extremely hot weather.

Durability Issues

Other mats may wear out quickly or get damaged if your dog chews or scratches.

Size Limitations

Not all cooling mats suit larger breeds, limiting effectiveness for big dogs.

Initial Cost

Other cooling mats can be relatively cheaper in price and cheaper in quality as well.

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Keep Your Dog Safe with Pelsbarn Cooling Mat

Ensure your dog's safety with Pelsbarn Cooling Mat: Maintains, cools swiftly, promotes comfort, gradual cooling.

Regulates Body Temperature

The cooling mat keeps your dog's body temperature between 38-39°C, preventing health risks from overheating.

Fast and Effective Cooling

Within minutes, the mat lowers your dog's temperature by 2-4 degrees, swiftly alleviating discomfort caused by heat.

Gradual Temperature Reduction

The mat ensures gradual temperature reduction, ensuring safety during cooling, unlike sudden methods.

Protect your furry friend

We understand how stressful it is to see your faithful furry friend panting from the heat, and the last thing we want is for them to suffer unnecessarily.

Ultimate Comfort

Comfortable Rest

Natural Cooling

Stress Reduction

Safe Design

Effective Heat Relief

Versatile Use

Summer Essential

Heat Prevention

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How It Works in 3 Steps

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Activation and Placement

Simply place the Pelsbarn Cooling Mat in your dog's resting area. The mat activates upon contact with your dog's body, requiring no electricity or refrigeration.

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Temperature Regulation

The mat lowers your dog's body temperature by 2-4 degrees within minutes, maintaining a safe range of 38-39°C. This rapid cooling alleviates heat-induced discomfort effectively

A stylized horizontal progress diagram with numbers 1 to 3 and directional arrows.

Safe and Gradual Cooling

The mat gradually reduces temperature, preventing sudden drops & ensuring comfort & safety. This controlled cooling keeps your dog cool and comfortable effectively.


“Pelsbarn provides a cooling mat that I trust and my patients love to use!”


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Over 30,000 happy dog owners and their furry friends!

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Soothing for Skin

Peace of Mind

Reduces Panting

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Did you know?

Every purchase of the Pelsbarn Cooling Mat helps shelter dogs in need, as we donate a portion of our profits to provide comfortable and cozy beds for dogs awaiting their forever homes.