Dog Mom Discovers New Simple Trick to Combat Dog's Travel Anxiety Without Having to Give Up Her Dog

Last Updated: March 7, 2024


*The person's story described below is fictitious and was instead founded on experiences shared by Pelsbarn customers. Results may vary based on temperament, and other environmental factors.

Sally F., 40, was on the brink of despair. She had almost resigned himself to the idea that car rides with his dog, Duke, were destined to be stressful and messy affairs. Duke, a spirited stafford, loved adventures but struggled with anxiety in the car, often leading to a chaotic backseat and an even more chaotic car interior.

Sally couldn't take it anymore!

Sally and her husband are not alone: 62% of American households own a pet, and 35% own more than one pet.2 The anxiety and stress had become so severe for Sally that she started contemplating drastic measures, like rehoming their dog, something she never thought she'd consider.

She begged her husband, who relented at first and had their dog stay with close friends, but when Sally suggested their friends officially adopt their dog, he knew he had to do something to save their dog-parenting lifestyle.

Sadly, no matter what they tried, nothing seemed to work. Not only was this issue affecting Sally’s mood throughout the day…

But she was emotionally torn between dearly missing her dog and loving every aspect of having stress-free car travels... But Sally and her husband’s relationship also severely suffered. It wasn't uncommon for Sally and her husband to fight over the matter of if their dog should return home and live with them or not.

Finally, with no more patience, they went to their veterinarian, who explained that dog's travel anxiety is often a result of discomfort and insecurity during car rides, rather than the journey itself. The veterinarian simply recommended cleaning the entire car.

Unfortunately, thorough car cleaning was exhausting and it barely helped. Duke's shedding and the inevitable mess from anxiety-induced accidents seemed to outpace any effort Sally could muster, meaning the car's chaotic state was always just one trip away from returning.

With seemingly no solutions left, Sally was faced with two options: permanently rehome their dog which would break everyone’s hearts and spell the end of her marriage with her nose-blind dog-loving husband, or continue to resign themselves to enduring stressful, mess-filled car rides that took the joy out of their adventures.

Sally also tried pet-free zoning sections of their house, but not only was it frustrating for her husband to not be able to spend time with their cat in the bedroom or living room. Also, Sally's indoor boundaries strategy was ultimately useless because the cat odor was so pervasive that even limiting the movement of their cat could not completely get rid of the foul ammonia-filled cat odor in their home.

Of course, Sally was told that she could just hire a professional team to thoroughly clean their entire house, but in reality how could she and her husband afford to do that every month?

After trying countless other useless “solutions”, Sally was filled with despair and she thought that they would need to start signing divorce papers soon since her husband would never agree to give up their cat and Sally couldn’t live with the cat odor stench any longer…

But then, she remembered specifically what her cat’s veterinarian told her!

“Cat odor is often a result of persistent invisible odor-causing pet particles floating in the air of your home.”

Maybe if she found a solution to the invisible floating odor-causing cat particles in her home’s air, the root cause of her home's lingering cat-odor-smog, then perhaps her cat odor problem would finally go away — permanently!

This was the final card in her hand, the last bullet in her chamber, the only thing that could save her marriage, her 10 year long relationship... She prayed to god that she would find an affordable and permanent solution to her cat’s foul odor— and fast!

Little did she know, the answer to her problem was right around the corner… literally.

Sally said, “My friend and neighbor, who’s also a cat parent, Felicity came over and she had this weird expression on her face. Felicity asked me if my cat was okay because she could smell the ammonia-filled stench of severe lingering cat odor even just from standing in the doorway.”

Sally explained to her friend that no matter what she did, she couldn’t get rid of her pet’s lingering pet odor so her entire home's atmosphere was poorly polluted. Felicity, with a look of sympathy on her face, quickly turned and walked back to her car.

“I was mortified,” Sally said, “I started thinking the worst, like maybe she was going to call animal control for me? But then I saw her grab something out of her car and come back.”

Felicity was holding a small plug-in device, and the box it obviously came in, as she walked right into Sally's home. Felicity immediately plugged the device into an outlet in Sally's living room. Before she left, she turned to Sally and said two words:

“Trust me.”

“Well, it worked!” said Sally. “That night when my husband came home, I immediately jumped up and raced to hug him. When he asked what was the matter, I told him the entire house finally smelled so fresh and clean again. At first, my husband was worried that I had given our cat away to close friends again, but then our cat raced over to my husband’s side. My husband was SHOCKED.”

Sally and her husband were so happy that they skipped dinner so that they could spend more time and celebrate with their cat. That night, Sally and her husband were more physically affectionate with one another. They were happy married cat parents again.

Sally had no idea how the little plug-in device Felicity gave her worked, but Sally was convinced. She was dying to know what that small plug-in device was, so she checked the device and the box it came in and saw the words "Clarifion ODRx" on it.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I immediately ordered 10 more right then and there. I placed multiple in our bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and where the kitty litter is.”

This portable & powerful plug-in device uses “UVC Light” technology to ensure pet-odor-free indoor air in any room in your home.…

Clarifion ODRx uses UVC Light technology, a powerful scientific solution, to utterly eliminate pervasive household cat odor and rejuvenate your indoor air quality.3

How it works is after you plug in the pocket-sized Clarifion ODRx into any standard outlet, in any room, a small but powerful Ultraviolet-C bulb inside the Clarifion ODRx automatically starts effectively deodorizing every cat-odor-causing particle that comes into contact with the bulb, thereby freshening your indoor room's atmosphere.4

The UVC bulb, on a micro level, targets and breaks down the chemical compounds responsible for causing foul odor, effectively deactivating the smell, scent, and odor of the floating cat particles.5 The cat particles, after being neutralized, harmlessly return to the air and cease to emit its usual foul smell.6

No wonder New York City uses UV-C light technology to take sewage water and turn it into clean water for the public that’s well known to be the “Champagne" of drinking water, because it consistently wins in annual taste tests against other public water sources.

In fact, using UV disinfection in hospitals is also becoming an extremely popular method of assuring protection against the spread of harmful diseases, with a high rate of efficacy.

It’s no surprise then that the ODRx, which uses the same UV-C light technology to eliminate cat odor, is so powerful and successful.

The Clarifion ODRx is truly the easiest and quickest way to protect your rooms from pervasive foul cat odor. It effectively reduces all types of household odors and freshens the air you and your family breathes!

It’s 1/5th the size of some traditional air purifiers, yet more powerful.

ODRx automatically eliminates smelly cat pollutants 24/7 so Sally and her family can breathe fresher-smelling air without lifting a finger!

No more thinking about rehoming their cat, drawing pet boundaries in their living room, or hiring an expensive professional cleaner.

Within two weeks of using the Clarifion ODRx, Sally was amazed to see that, in addition to her room's indoor atmosphere, her and her husband’s relationship also just seemed to keep improving. They stopped fighting over their cat and they spend more and more time with each other and with their cat now. They’re a happy family again.

After a month, Sally said all their friends and family told her they noticed a huge boost in her and her husband’s affection toward one another, as if they were a newlywed couple again!

Sally confessed that their love-life at night also experienced greater enthusiasm and during the day her husband was nicer and more loving toward her!

Also, now that their living room smells fresh and clean, Sally regained her confidence and started to invite people over again, guilt-free. Everyone commented on how fresh the air smelled despite the presence of both a cat in the house.

After Sally gushed to all her friends and family about the Clarifion ODRx, she immediately ordered 6 more of the life-changing device to give to her other cat-owning friends and family members!

Sally said, “Clarifion ODRx eliminated our pervasive indoor cat-odor-smog for good and saved our 10 year long relationship.”

More than 64,317 new customers last year... but is it really worth your attention?

Pelsbarn was only released recently, but it’s already captured the attention of millions of American families and pet owners.

Once people learned there was a safe and affordable solution for effectively dealing with pervasive and persistent cat-odor-infected indoor air quality, they were more than eager to give the device a try!

As a result, Clarifion ODRx sold so much more than the family-owned company was prepared for. In fact, last year, Clarifion ODRx completely sold-out their inventory, twice.

Hype around this breakthrough device has been spreading through online and offline word-of-mouth from satisfied happy cat-owning customers.



🏡🐕 Absolutely thrilled with my Pelsbarn car bed! As a dog mom, I was skeptical at first, but this product has worked wonders in my car. My two dogs, Charlie and Daisy, seem happier too! Loving the comfy raised bolster without the hassle of constant cleaning and my fur babies are enjoying their trips!





Just had to share my latest home improvement with all of you! 🏡 I finally found the solution to the cat odor that's been bothering me – the ODRx device! At 65, I've tried all sorts of things to keep my home smelling fresh, but this little gadget is a true game-changer. 🌟 Just plugged it in, and voilà, the air in my home is as fresh as my garden after a spring rain. 🌹 No more worrying about the cat smell when the grandkids come to visit. They even commented on how nice the house smells! 🐱💕 If you've been struggling with pet odors, I can't recommend the ODRx enough. It's made such a difference in my life. #HappyHome #CatLover





My husband and I love this device! ❣️Our cat was peeing everywhere and the ammonia odor was HORRENDOUS! 😫But this device works so well at eliminating the smell, we don’t notice it at all anymore! 😀



*The above are not real Clarifion customers. Your results may vary.

I tested Clarifion ODRx myself, and here’s what I found:



Did you know that 62% of American households own a pet, and 35% own more than one?2 When my Clarifion ODRx arrived, I knew I had the perfect solution to address the persistent pet odors in my living room. The Clarifion ODRx is plug-and-play, meaning it started working immediately, operating quietly in the background 24/7, after I plugged it in. I placed one in my living room and another near my kitchen - and the pet odors vanished completely, immediately replaced by fresh, clean air.‍

Initially, I was skeptical, wondering, 'Can this small device really tackle the pet odors in my living room efficiently?' But the first breath of fresh air in my living room and the noticeable reduction in pet odors was enough to dispel all my doubts. The transformation was not just noticeable, it was game-changing!



After just a week, my living room's atmosphere felt rejuvenated. My family noticed the difference too, with everyone commenting on how fresh and pleasant the house smelled. And myself? I was overjoyed to no longer feel embarrassed or guilty about pet smells when guests came over. My home became a more inviting and enjoyable space! The promise of 'UV-C light technology' tackling pet odors and dander wasn't just a fantastical claim– it was a reality. In just a few days, my home's atmosphere had improved significantly!



Here's something you'll love - waking up to a bedroom that smells fresh and clean, knowing that the Clarifion ODRx is working tirelessly to combat all indoor household odor, such as persistent pet odor. You’ll also appreciate how much more inviting and pleasant your home feels. My secret? The Clarifion ODRx - my household hero.

The true beauty of Clarifion ODRx lies in its simplicity and efficiency. No filters to change, no ongoing costs. Just plug it in and experience the noticeable air quality difference it brings to your rooms.

And now, for a limited time, you can experience this indoor room air transformation for yourself at a special discounted price. Don’t miss the chance to improve your home's atmosphere - order your Clarifion ODRx today!

I tested Clarifion ODRx myself, and here’s what I found:

If you are tired of dealing with persistent pet odors and want a fresher indoor room atmosphere... switching to Clarifion ODRx will not only save you time but also money in the long run.

Traditional methods of combating cat odors often provide only temporary relief. Scented candles, sprays, and regular cleaning don’t target the root cause of pet odors: the invisible floating pet-odor-causing particles and dander in your room's atmosphere.

The Clarifion ODRx, with its UV-C light technology, is a more effective long-term solution for treating household pet odors than these temporary fixes. Additionally, Clarifion ODRx is less expensive, more compact, and quieter than traditional air purifiers and fresheners... This is why UV-C light technology is becoming one of the most popular solutions for a fresh-smelling living room.

I used Clarifion ODRx for more than a month and can confirm that it has transformed my living room. It greatly improved the overall atmosphere and completely neutralized pet odors!

Most importantly, it means you no longer have to worry about rehoming your beloved cats because of their cat odors. Clarifion ODRx effectively targets and combats airborne cat odors and dander, which is something no traditional air purifier or freshener can offer.

And if it doesn’t transform your life like it did for us, don’t worry, they have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on every device.

If you're struggling with persistent cat odor, foul households smells,

Or just want to breathe more comfortably.

There's no reason to not give Clarifion ODRx a try.

Trust me, you'll thank me later.

If you're struggling with persistent cat odor, foul households smells,

How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

Clarifion ODRx is regularly priced at $$39.97 per device – which, at first, seemed a little high. But after seeing how it completely changed my indoor room's atmosphere in just a few hours, I realized the product offers a tremendous bargain.

*Clarifion is currently running a limited bundle and save promotion for additional discounts March 28, 2024

Right now, on their official website, Clarifion ODRx is offering a unique bundle to try their best-selling, air-deodorizer device at a significant discount – Up to 73% off the retail price. – but only while supplies last.

As someone who’s reviewed hundreds of cool gadgets and inventions, I’ve never seen anything which offers such substantial value for such a low price. I recommend the Clarifion ODRx to anyone who wants to combat cat odor in their indoor rooms and breathe fresh indoor air everyday.

Over the winter, Clarifion sold much faster than the small, family-owned company was prepared for.

Twice last year, in fact, they sold-out of their inventory completely.

The time to order Clarifion is now — before they sell out again.

You’ll quickly see why thousands of Americans have raved about Clarifion!

The icing on the cake is the price. If it’s still in stock — definitely make sure you get one before they sell out.

Update: March 29, 2024 Since this advertorial was originally published, there’s been a tremendous "buzz" about Clarifion ODRx and the company has seen a huge surge in sales. While their inventory is now dwindling, they’re still offering an "Internet Only Promotion" and bundle discount. (This offer is only available while supplies last.) To find out if Clarifion is still in stock, click the button below.


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