The All-Surface Hair Broom is your go-to solution for effortless cleaning across various types of floors, making it an indispensable tool in any home. Discover why countless homeowners are raving about this broom!


Unmatched Versatility for Any Surface

The All-Surface Hair Broom is crafted with durable rubber bristles and a built-in squeegee edge, designed for use on multiple surfaces including hardwood, tile, and carpet. Its versatile design ensures it collects dust, hair, and liquid spills with ease, offering the ultimate in home cleaning versatility.


Perfect for Pet Owners

Engineered to effortlessly pick up pet hair, this broom is a pet owner's best friend. Whether it's dog hair on the sofa or cat fur on the carpet, our broom handles it all without sending debris back into the air.


Multifunctional and Convenient

Featuring a built-in squeegee and an adjustable handle, the broom is more than just a cleaning tool—it's a comprehensive solution for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.


Designed for Every Household

The adjustable handle can extend from 20 inches to 48 inches, making it perfect for spaces large and small, and suitable for users of all heights.


Pawsitively Praised by Customers

With rave reviews and satisfied customers, the effectiveness of the All-Surface Hair Broom in maintaining a clean home is well documented. Homeowners love its efficiency and ease of use.


Every sale helps a shelter dog

Every purchase you make contributes to the welfare of shelter dogs. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to animal shelters, helping to provide food, care, and comfort to dogs awaiting their forever homes. With your support, we're not just improving lives, we're making tails wag with joy!


Buy One, Get Incredible Add-ons Free!

For a limited time, purchase an All-Surface Hair Broom and receive a high-quality dog toothbrush free! This offer adds even more value to your purchase and provides a comprehensive cleaning kit for your home.

It’s clear why the All-Surface Hair Broom has become essential for homeowners...

Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience:

19h ago

“I never knew a broom could make such a difference. It picks up everything and doesn't scratch my floors. A must-have for any pet owner!”

- Kathleen

5h ago

“I'm impressed with how effectively it removes hair from carpets. It's also very sturdy and easy to handle.”

- Jodie H.

12h ago

“This broom is a lifesaver! It cleans up pet hair like a dream and is so easy to wash.”

-Lucia W.

1 day ago

“Fantastic customer service and a product that stands up to its promises. Highly recommend for anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine.”


12h ago

“I didn't expect much from a broom, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how effective it is. It's especially good on my tile floors.”

- Michael M.

A week ago

“The best cleaning tool I've ever owned. It's perfect for quick clean-ups and thorough sweeps alike.”

- Scarlett P

A month ago

“We've had ours for a while now, and it's still going strong. Excellent quality, and it really does pick up all the hair!”

- Gabby H.

It’s easy to see why the All-Surface Hair Broom is the must-have product for homeowners.

Where can you get one?

The All-Surface Hair Broom is available exclusively on our website, Pelsbarn.org, and through selected retailers. Take advantage of our special offer today!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Pelsbarn team is offering an exclusive buy one, get a dog toothbrush free deal + free shipping to our readers. This special promotion is only available for a limited time and may be withdrawn without prior notice.

Due to its popularity and rave reviews on social media, the All-Surface Hair Broom has frequently sold out. We urge you to take advantage of this special offer to avoid disappointment and ensure your home stays impeccably clean.

As of now, some brooms are limited in stock because of high demand and social media trends.

Click the link above to see if the Pelsbarn is still offering this amazing discount and free shipping.

Kaeley R.


"My parents got this broom for our family, and it's been amazing for keeping our home hair-free and tidy."

Maddy W.


"Absolutely love the All-Surface Hair Broom! It’s perfect for our home with three pets."



"Our whole family appreciates how easy it is to use the broom, and it’s fantastic at picking up pet hair."

Tahlia C.


"The All-Surface Hair Broom is incredible! It's the best thing we’ve bought for our home maintenance."


"My first reaction when using the All-Surface Hair Broom was 'IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!' It's transformed our cleaning routine. High-quality, durable, and the customer service was exceptional – proud to support this brand."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

"I love our new All-Surface Hair Broom, it's extremely effective and the sleek design is just perfect! The customer service was outstanding, and delivery was swift, even to our remote location."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

"It's the best purchase I've ever made for home cleaning, so effective and supportive. Removed it to clean, and it was just as effective when put back. It retains efficiency after every wash."

— 5 Star Facebook Review

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