How A Simple Innovation Is Giving Thousands Of Restless Dogs Their Car Rides Back

Meet Max, a lovable but anxious Labrador who used to dread any time spent in the car.

Panting, pacing, and whimpering made every journey stressful for Max and his owner.
Worse, Max’s anxiety eventually made park trips, pup cup runs, and other rides more trouble than they were worth at times.

A golden retriever lying on the floor with a thoughtful expression.

Max’s owner, Sarah, had tried everything to make the rides easier for him. She tried calming treats, various types of blankets, and even special seats, but nothing seemed to help.

Watching Max suffer on every trip was becoming too much to bear. But soon, things were about to change.

According to Dr. Jennifer Cole, a trusted vet consultant based in the US,

What your readers share is quite common. Taking pets on car rides often results in restless, anxious, and uncomfortable animals.

Traditional car seats and blankets don’t provide the comfort and sense of security that pets need, leaving them hot and irritable. This discomfort isn’t just inconvenient; it can also be dangerous for their health—especially in hotter months.

A veterinarian holding a cat with a golden retriever beside her.

Thankfully, this is a problem that can be easily addressed.

Editor's Review - The Pros:


Advanced Cooling

Much like moisture-wicking fabrics, it helps moisture evaporate quickly, which offers a cooling effect that helps regulate your dog’s body temperature.


Ergonomic Design

Features a soft, supportive structure that reduces stress on joints during travel. The raised fluffy rim surrounds pets with perfect head/neck support for ultimate comfort, making pets feel secure and calm.


Safety and Security

The bed includes a safety belt, allowing pet owners to drive with peace of mind knowing their furry friend is safe and secure. The anti-slip bottom keeps the bed stable, preventing slips and falls.


Easy Maintenance

Easy-to-clean bed is machine-washable, making it simple to keep fresh with minimal effort. Additionally, it's 100% waterproof, protecting the investment from accidents or spills.


Versatile and Durable

Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, the Pelsbarn Cooling Car Bed is lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for all adventures. It also comes with a 90-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

The Cons:


Limited Colors

Pets won’t mind, but the Pelsbarn Cooling Car Bed is available in a limited range of three colors, which might not match every pet owner's aesthetic preferences.


Limited Availability

Due to high demand and recently going semi-viral on social media, the Pelsbarn Cooling Car Bed is often out of stock, requiring potential buyers to wait for restocks or pre-orders.

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