Your Dog’s New Best Friend on the Road

The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed that turns every car ride into a cozy, stress-free experience for your furry friend.

Your Dog’s New Best Friend

The weighted dog blanket that melts away stress, anxiety and fear

Travel & Vet Visits

Designed for comfort, our car bed is gently weighted to provide a sense of security, making every journey a peaceful one for your dog.

Thunder & Fireworks

With its soft, enveloping design, the bed ensures your dog feels safe and protected during loud, scary moments.

Separation Anxiety

Mimics the comforting presence of an owner, acting as a constant cuddle, especially when you’re on the move.

Travel & Vet Visits

On the Road

"Max has never been calmer on trips! He snuggles up and sleeps through the entire ride."

Anxiety Relief

"Charlie used to dread car rides, but now he hops in eagerly, knowing his cozy bed awaits."

Adventure Companion

"Zoe loves her car bed! It's our must-have for every adventure, keeping her calm and comfy."

Peaceful Travels

"Rocky's anxiety during rides has significantly decreased. He's relaxed and enjoys looking out the window now."

Weighted for Comfort

Our car bed is crafted to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support, ensuring your dog’s anxiety is eased no matter the destination.

• Enhances Sleep Quality

• Delivers Calm & Relaxation through Gentle Pressure

• Ideal for Use in All Travel Conditions

Feels Like Home

Crafted with ultra-soft fabric, our car bed offers supreme comfort, making every car interior feel as reassuring and safe as home.

• Ensures a Sense of Safety & Protection

• Superior Softness for Ultimate Comfort

• Machine Washable for Easy Care

Veterinarian Recommended

"Weighted blankets provide constant pressure, almost like it’s a continuous hug, which has been shown to be really helpful as far as reducing anxiety"

Dr. Callie Harris

DVM, Purina veterinarian, @dr.callieh