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Three Reasons Why You’ll

Love Pelsbarn Dog Bed



It's the ultimate fusion of secure travel and plush relaxation for your pouch, transforming every car ride into a serene, worry-free experience.



This bed is professionally crafted with ultra-soft, fluffy materials, including calming textures that mimic a mother's fur, so your pet can not only look relaxed but truly feel at peace.



Prepare your dog for an out-of-the-world napping experience with the award-winning Pelsbarn, the #1 vet recommended car bed.


FOUNDED BY dog nutritionist Fay Bobby

“It’s how you make your dog feel safer and more comfortable, without them even realizing they’re on the move.”

Benefits Of Pelsbarn Beds

Ultimate Safety Assurance

Engineered for security, our dog car bed keeps your furry friend safely contained and protected, even on the bumpiest rides.

Wrap your dog in resort-like comfort

Crafted from premium materials, our bed offers resort-level comfort, ensuring your dog relaxes in pure bliss during every car trip.

Eco-Friendly and Durable

Designed with sustainability in mind, our washable and reusable bed stands the test of time, making it both eco-conscious and economical.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ready To Surrender Your Dog
To Blissful Coziness?


  • Wilma Devon

    Can anybody vouch for this?

    · Reply ·  4 · 39 min

    • Mary Vernon

      I love it. I see a huge difference with my dog. Also very easy to use. It's great.

      · Reply ·  7 · 16 min

  • Doris Skylar

    I bought mine for the full price and now are 30% off? That's not fair!

    · Reply ·  4 · 51 min

  • Skyler Greig

    How long does shipping take??

    · Reply ·  1 · 1 h

    • Marie Campbell

      Hey Skyler, got mine after a week.

      · Reply ·  2 · 24 min

  • Leonard Boyd

    I Absolutely love this bed! I heard It's light weight but with a lot of filling. It's so easy for me to bring this around with me. My dog loves it! Some of the vets I work with have placed their orders now too! Thank you so much! This Pelsbarn bed is a life saver!

    · Reply ·  6 · 1 h

  • Emma Emerson

    Hey Lois, this is what you need instead of a blanket in the car

    · Reply ·  2 · 2 h

    • Lois Clive

      Wow, this is crazy, have ordered two pcs now!

      · Reply ·  3 · 1 h

  • Alfred Johnson

    Did you buy one, how long does it take to get it

    · Reply ·  2 · 2 h

    • Edith Ashton

      For me about 5 business days.

      · Reply ·  5 · 2 h

  • Debra Peyton

    Love this bed. It is SOOO soft! Wish they made them also for humans lol

    · Reply ·  1 · 3 h

  • Paula Remington

    Wow looks amazing, does anyone actually have one and has it been tested?

    · Reply ·  1 · 3 h

    • Sarah Dudley

      Yes, It comes well packed and my 2 bigger dogs have used this for several weeks. It fits great and it is really comfortably. Also no more dirty paws and hair in the car. It helps a lot.😇

      · Reply ·  3 · 2 h

  • Agnes Graeme

    I just ordered mine! Cannot wait for it.

    · Reply ·  4 · 3 h

  • Barbara Bradly

    I want one so bad for my fur babies!

    · Reply ·  8 · 3 h

  • Ethel Dean

    Does anyone know how long the shipping takes? Want to buy one for my friend. She sees her dog as her child.

    · Reply ·  1 · 4 h

    • Clara Milton

      Hey Ethel, mine arrived after about a week

      · Reply ·  2 · 2 h

    • Emma Shelby

      Your friend will be happy! Perfect gift

      · Reply ·  2 · 1 h

  • Harry Keegan

    This product is wonderful! For anyone that has ever traveled with their dog, this is a game-changer. Our dog is so much more relaxed. Thank you to whoever created this product.

    · Reply ·  3 · 4 h

  • Bridget Prescott

    Love this deep rest bed totally! TY Pelsbarn!!

    · Reply ·  3 · 4 h

  • Anna Madison

    I was a skeptic ... Have bought one and was positively surprised. This is worth it. I’m a vet as well and often wanted to bring my dog with me. This bed is great and is defenitely something I would recommend! Two other vets got them right away and love it!

    · Reply ·  3 · 5 h

  • Clara Milton

    I absolutely love my dog bed, had to get one for the dog of my daughter today since she wont stop using mine!

    · Reply ·  2 · 5 h

    • Kate Orson

      OMG I know, I was so happy that they had some left today. Had to get one immediately before they run out of stock again like last time

      · Reply·  5 · 2 h

  • Isabella Mayson

    Thank you, our arrived today! Will test it tonight.

    · Reply ·  3 · 5 h