Dog Mom Discovers New Simple Trick to Combat Dog's Travel Anxiety Without Having to Give Up Her Dog

Last Updated: March 7, 2024


*The following narrative is fictional and inspired by anecdotes shared by Pelsbarn customers. Individual outcomes may vary depending on temperament and other environmental variables.

Sandy F., 40, was on the brink of despair. She had nearly accepted the notion that trips in the car with her dog, Duke, were bound to be stressful and untidy. Duke, an energetic Staffordshire Terrier, adored outings but grappled with car-related anxiety, frequently resulting in a disordered backseat and an even more disordered car interior.

Sandy couldn't take it anymore!

Sandy and her husband are part of a widespread trend: 62% of American households have a pet, with 35% having multiple pets. The anxiety and stress had reached such a level for Sandy that she began considering extreme measures, such as finding a new home for their dog, a decision she never imagined she would contemplate.

She begged her husband, who relented at first and had their dog stay with close friends, but when Sandy suggested their friends officially adopt their dog, he knew he had to do something to save their dog-parenting lifestyle.

Sadly, no matter what they tried, nothing seemed to work. Not only was this issue affecting Sandy’s mood throughout the day…

However, she found herself emotionally torn between deeply missing her dog and enjoying the bliss of stress-free car journeys. Yet, Sandy and her husband's relationship also took a significant toll. Arguments over whether their dog should come back home and live with them became all too frequent.

Finally, with no more patience, they went to their veterinarian, who explained that dog's travel anxiety is often a result of discomfort and insecurity during car rides, rather than the journey itself. The veterinarian simply recommended cleaning the entire car.

Unfortunately, thorough car cleaning was exhausting and it barely helped. Duke's shedding and the inevitable mess from anxiety-induced accidents seemed to outpace any effort Sandy could muster, meaning the car's chaotic state was always just one trip away from returning.

With seemingly no solutions left, Sandy was faced with two options: permanently rehome their dog which would break everyone’s hearts and spell the end of her marriage with her nose-blind dog-loving husband, or continue to resign themselves to enduring stressful, mess-filled car rides that took the joy out of their adventures.

Sandy attempted to designate pet-free areas within their home. However, this proved frustrating for her husband, who missed having their dog around in the bedroom or living room. Furthermore, Sandy's strategy of setting indoor boundaries proved ineffective because the dog's anxiety was so pervasive that even restricting its movements couldn't fully alleviate the stress every time they left the house.

Of course, Sandy was told that she could just hire a professional team to thoroughly clean their entire car, but in reality how could she and her husband afford to do that every month?

After trying various ineffective "solutions," Sandy found herself consumed by despair. She worried that divorce might be inevitable, as her husband would never agree to giving up their dog, and Sandy could no longer bear the ongoing burden of the dog's anxiety.

But then, she remembered specifically what her dog’s veterinarian told her!

“Dog's anxiety in car travel is always there. You need to find something that will assure your dog of safety and comfy.”

Maybe if she found a solution to address Duke's car travel anxiety, the root cause of her and her husband's arguments, then perhaps her dog problem would finally go away — permanently!

This was the final card in her hand, the last bullet in her chamber, the only thing that could save her marriage, her 10 year long relationship... She prayed to god that she would find an affordable and permanent solution to her dog’s anxiety— and fast!

Little did she know, the answer to her problem was right around the corner… literally.

Sandy said, “My friend and neighbor, who’s also a dog parent, Felicity came over and she had this weird expression on her face. Felicity asked me if my dog was okay because she could sense that her dog is not doing okay.”

Sandy explained to her friend that no matter what she did, she couldn’t get rid of her pet’s lingering pets anxiety so her entire home's atmosphere was poorly affected. Felicity, with a look of sympathy on her face, quickly turned and walked back to her car.

“I was mortified,” Sandy said, “I started thinking the worst, like maybe she was going to call animal control for me? But then I saw her grab something out of her car and come back.”

Felicity was holding a bag with a fluffy material, and the box it obviously came in, as she walked right into Sandy's car. Felicity immediately installed the car bed. Before she left, she turned to Sandy and said two words:

“Trust me.”

“Well, it worked!” said Sandy. “That night when my husband came home, I immediately jumped up and raced to hug him. When he asked what was the matter, I told him the Duke was now finally enjoying car rides. At first, my husband was worried that I had given our dog away to close friends again, but then our dog raced over to my husband’s side. My husband was SHOCKED.”

Sandy and her husband were so happy that they skipped dinner so that they could spend more time and celebrate with their dog traveling. That night, Sandy and her husband were more physically affectionate with one another. They were happy married dog parents again.

Sandy had no idea how the fluffy car bed Felicity gave her worked, but Sandy was convinced. She was dying to know what that car bed was, so she checked the bed and the packaging it came in and saw the words "Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed" on it.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I immediately ordered 2 more right then and there. I placed it in my car and in my husband's car.”

This fluffy car bed gave comfort and safety to my dog on every ride. Recommended by a trusted vet! 

Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed uses fluffy materials, a powerful scientific solution, to utterly eliminate pervasive dog anxiety and rejuvenate your car journey.3

How it works is after you install your car bed you can have your dog jump into it right away! 

  • It calms your dog and relieves anxiety

  • Perfect support for ultimate comfort

  • Suitable for all dogs of all ages & sizes

  • Machine Washable

No wonder New York City Veterinarians are recommending the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed. Because of its ultimate promise of offering Security and Comfort. The raised edges and soft material could create a sense of security for some dogs, similar to a crate.

In fact, the best approach to dog anxiety in car travel depends on your dog. Make sure that you understand your dog's signal and behavior. 

It’s no surprise then that the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed, which uses the same fluffy materials is so powerful and successful.

The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is truly the easiest and quickest way to protect your dog from car travel anxiety. It effectively reduces all types of anxiety all throughout your travel!

It’s has the perfect size for all the dog types that you have. 

Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed eliminates anxiety and discomfort 24/7 so Sandy and her family can now travel without any worries!

No more thinking about rehoming their dog, drawing pet boundaries in their living room, or hiring an expensive professional cleaner.

Within two weeks of using the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed, Sally was amazed to see that, Duke was more excited to go out in every car ride, her and her husband’s relationship also just seemed to keep improving. They stopped fighting over their dog and they spend more and more time with each other and with their dog now. They’re a happy family again.

After a month, Sandy said all their friends and family told her they noticed a huge boost in her and her husband’s affection toward one another as if they were a newlywed couple again!

Sandy confessed that their love-life at night also experienced greater enthusiasm and during the day her husband was nicer and more loving toward her!

Also, now that they can travel more, Sandy regained her confidence and started to plan another trip with Duke. Everyone commented on how behaved their dog is in every ride. 

After Sandy gushed to all her friends and family about the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed, she immediately ordered 6 more of the life-changing car bed to give to her other dog-owning friends and family members!

Sandy said, “Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed eliminated Duke's anxiety for good and saved our 10-year-long relationship.”

More than 64,317 new customers last year... but is it really worth your attention?

Pelsbarn was only released recently, but it’s already captured the attention of millions of American families and pet owners.

Once people learned there was a safe and affordable solution for effectively dealing with pervasive and persistent dog anxiety, they were more than eager to give the device a try!

As a result, Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed sold so much more than the family-owned company was prepared for. In fact, last year, Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed completely sold-out their inventory, twice.

Hype around this breakthrough car bed has been spreading through online and offline word-of-mouth from satisfied happy dog-owning customers.



🏡🐕 Absolutely thrilled with my Pelsbarn car bed! As a dog mom, I was skeptical at first, but this product has worked wonders in my car. My two dogs, Charlie and Daisy, seem happier too! Loving the comfy raised bolster without the hassle of constant cleaning and my fur babies are enjoying their trips!





Just had to share my latest car improvement with all of you! I finally found the solution to the dog anxiety that's been bothering me – the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed! At 65, I've tried all sorts of things to keep my car travel peaceful, but this little car bed is a true game-changer. 🌟 Just install it, and voilà, my car journey with my dog improved!. 🌹 No more worrying about the bumpy car rides when visiting grandkids. They even commented on how behaved Alex is! 💕 If you've been struggling with pet anxiety, I can't recommend the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed enough. It's made such a difference in my life. #HappyCarRide #DogLover





My husband and I love this car bed! ❣️Our dog was running everywhere every car ride and her anxiety was HORRENDOUS! 😫But this car bed works so well at eliminating the anxiety and discomfort, we don’t notice it at all anymore! 😀



*The above are not real Clarifion customers. Your results may vary.

I tried out the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed with my dog, and here are my observations about its effect on their anxiety during car travel:



Did you know that 62% of American households own a pet, and 35% own more than one? When my Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed arrived, I knew I had the perfect solution to address the persistent pet anxiety and discomfort in every car ride. The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is plug-and-play, meaning you can start using it after installing it to your car. I placed one in my car and another in our family car - and the pet anxiety and discomfort vanished completely, immediately replaced by a calm and joyful ride. 

Initially, I was skeptical, wondering, 'Can this small bed really tackle the pet anxiety efficiently?' But the first ride in my car and the noticeable reduction in pet movements was enough to dispel all my doubts. The transformation was not just noticeable, it was game-changing!



After just a week, my life changed! My family noticed the difference too, with everyone commenting on how behaved and comfortable my dog is. And myself? I was overjoyed to no longer feel embarrassed or guilty about my dog being discomfort when we travel with friends. Our car ride became a more joyful and enjoyable time! The promise of 'Fluffy Materials technology' tackling pet anxiety and discomfort wasn't just a fantastical claim– it was a reality. In just a few days, my car ride's atmosphere had improved significantly!



Here's something you'll love - waking up everyday knowing that I can bring my dog with me everywhere, and that the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is working tirelessly to combat all the anxiety and discomfort, such as persistent pet car bed. You’ll also appreciate how much behave my dogs is in every travel. My secret? The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed - my travel hero.

The true beauty of Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed lies in its simplicity and fluffiness. No more muddy cars, no ongoing costs. Just install it and experience the unforgettable journey that you can never imagine!

And now, for a limited time, you can experience peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable car rides! Don’t miss the chance to improve your journey - order your Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed today!

In my personal experience using the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed with my dog, I found...

If you are tired of dealing with persistent pet anxiety and discomfort and want your co-pilot to be comfortable in every ride... switching to Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed will not only save you time but also money in the long run.

Traditional methods of combating dog anxiety often provide only temporary relief. Regular foam, towels, and regular cleaning don’t target the root cause of pet anxiety and discomfort: the anxiety is always there if it was not addressed properly. 

The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed, with its luxurious materials, is a more effective long-term solution for treating pet anxiety and discomfort than these temporary fixes. Additionally, Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is less expensive, more compact, and more luxurious than traditional beds or towels... 

I used Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed for more than a month and can confirm that it has transformed my car ride with my dog. It greatly improved the overall atmosphere and completely removed pet's anxiety!

Most importantly, it means you no longer have to worry about rehoming your beloved cats because of their dog anxiety. Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed effectively targets and combats anxiety and discomfort, which is something no traditional bed or towels can offer.

And if it doesn’t transform your life like it did for us, don’t worry, they have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.

If you're struggling with persistent dog anxiety and discomfort,

Or just want to have a safe and comfortable car ride.

There's no reason to not give Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed a try.

Trust me, you'll thank me later.

If you're struggling with persistent dog anxiety and discomfort. 

How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is regularly priced starting at $69 per car bed depending on the size – which, at first, seemed a little high. But after seeing how it completely changed dog's behavior after hours of using it, I realized the product offers a tremendous bargain.

*Pelsbarn is currently running a limited bundle and save promotion for additional discounts April 30, 2024

Right now, on their official website, Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is offering a unique bundle to try their best-selling, Protecting Car Bed at a significant discount – Up to 30% off the retail price. – but only while supplies last.

As someone who’s reviewed hundreds of dog beds and inventions, I’ve never seen anything that offers such substantial value for such a low price. I recommend the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed to anyone who wants to combat dog anxiety and discomfort in every ride!

Over the winter, Pelsbarn sold much faster than the small, family-owned company was prepared for.

Twice last year, in fact, they sold-out of their inventory completely.

The time to order Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is now — before they sell out again.

You’ll quickly see why thousands of Americans have raved about Pelsbarn!

The icing on the cake is the price. If it’s still in stock — definitely make sure you get one before they sell out.

Update: March 29, 2024 Since this advertorial was originally published, there’s been a tremendous "buzz" about Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed and the company has seen a huge surge in sales. While their inventory is now dwindling, they’re still offering an "Internet Only Promotion" and bundle discount. (This offer is only available while supplies last.) To find out if Pelsbarn is still in stock, click the button below.

IMPORTANT: Get Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed for Every Unforgettable Car Ride!


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