Put an End to Unsafe and Uncalmly RIDES! Fluffy Car Bed for Your Dog!

Sandra Kramer

Apr 10th, 2024




80% of dog owners have experienced a frustrating sight: coming home after a long drive to find their car seat dirty, full of scratches, and the dog looking uncomfortable waiting for your hug!

As a dog owner, I can truly empathize with this situation! After a long day of driving, it's not just about cleaning up the mess; it often involves replacing car seat covers! There have been moments when the foam of my car seat was damaged, driving me almost to the brink of madness.

Additionally, during travel, dogs may have anxiety, leading to potential health problems, ultimately increasing the risk to their life and escalating medical expenses.

If you find yourself grappling with these concerns, it's genuinely worth trying Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed. 

Recommended By Top Veterinarians

A well-known veterinarian at Insight Animal Behavior Services wrote a blog stating that, for mental health, dogs especially need car beds. Safety and durability are vital, followed by the ability to provide comfort and security.

He strongly recommends the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed, which is tough enough to withstand long road trips and also emits a squeaking sound, providing hours of comfort for your dog.

How Does the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed to Your Furry Friend?

For many travelers, dogs are often left alone in the back of the car for extended periods, leading to feelings of anxiety, fear, and discomfort. This emotional stress can manifest in behaviors indicating discomfort, stress, and fear in dogs.

The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is specifically engineered to alleviate your dog’s anxiety during car rides. Crafted with a raised rim and high-quality cotton filling, 95% of our customers have reported exceptional durability with no signs of damage. Our materials have been vetted and approved by leading veterinarians, ensuring 100% safety for your pet.

Thanks to its plush construction, the filling remains securely enclosed, significantly reducing the risk of anxiety in dogs. The high-quality cotton filling provides ample support to the bed’s three sides, offering a sense of security and comfort with every touch. This helps keep your furry companion mentally stimulated and secure, especially during extended journeys.

Image: Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed has 3 colors: beige, poseidon, and black.

🐾 Let's Take a Look at My Dog's Usage Report.

My dog Samba loves to travel every day, and astonishingly, the car bed remains completely fluffy and intact.

Samba has been battling this tough car bed for a full 2 months, with the following results:

Zero Damage: No rips, no tears, no problem! Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed remains unscathed, even after countless of jumping session every car ride.

Happy and Engaged: Samba is more active, happier, and comfortable, thanks to this durable car bed.

No Mess: Since I have this car bed, Samba has never made any mess inside my car. Every after-car ride I am happy to see him relax and feel like a King!

Unleash Worries: Since we introduced this car bed, it has helped him remain relaxed. He has been able to enjoy a reduction in anxiety and depression.

Easy to Clean This can easily be washed in the machine or by hand because of the removable cover. 

It's a win-win for both your pup and your peace of mind! 🐾🐶

The Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed That Took Dog owner's attention!

Since its launch, the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed has consistently sold out whenever new stock is released directly to consumers, without the need for retail stores.

Its popularity has soared, largely due to word-of-mouth recommendations.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews and countless social media users raving about its transformative impact, it’s clear that the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is a game-changer.

Kelly. S:

“I never write reviews. That being said, I bought one of these and my dog seems so much more comfortable during our road trips. She tends to get car sick and I think she feels safer with the way she's tucked in there     " 

Lisa. M:

“Nicely made, very soft and cozy. Finally, my dog now enjoys car rides!" 

Amy. P:

“I was hesitant at first, but now I see how much my dog loves it. I can highly recommend this bed. It is SO soft!!!   " 

Conclusion: Could this be a game-changer?

Absolutely YES!

Imagine a car bed that not only withstands your dog's anxiety but also promotes their mental health, making them happier and healthier. Why not take action now?

If you've had a dog car bed that didn't work in the past, it's not your fault! The solution you've been looking for is here and just a few clicks away.

A decent luxurious car bed you can buy from big tool companies could cost $450+. Professional year-round doctor service could easily cost you $1500 and beyond!

While the Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed is only a fraction of the cost of all these.

Pelsbarn is currently running a promotion, offering one color for just $69, thanks to their generous 30% discount! This amazing deal won’t last long, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

A one-time 30% discount with a FREE Car Safety Belt is offered until the supply lasts!

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Caroline A.

"I was worried that my puppy Kismat always wanted to be on my lap when I was driving. I installed the car bed yesterday and wow so amazing! He went into it and immediately went to sleep! And he stays there. "

Karen D.

"Hopper loves his car bed. This car bed is well-made and makes traveling enjoyable. No more slipping and jumping all around. He's safe and secure, which will prevent injuries. The sides are very supportive when Hopper lays down and rests neck."

Pelsbarn Protecting Car Bed